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Retirement Letter


‘Retirement’ takes place when a worker stops employment completely on reaching the age of superannuation, or due to ill-health or due to personal choice because he/she has enough finances to retire from active full-time work. Sometimes, a person wants to retire and do something on his own as a ‘Free Lancer’. In extreme and unfortunate instances, an employee is ‘asked’ to proceed on retirement by the employer on grounds of inefficiency, moral turpitude or downsizing of staff due to recession.

No matter what the reason/cause of retirement is, it is in good taste to shake-hands with the Employer and bid goodbye to the organization on a pleasant note without rancour or recrimination. The retiree should make it a point to extol the service conditions of the organization and the co-operation and support received from the management and colleagues alike.

It is considered bad form to point out the short-comings of the organization and unpleasant relations with ones colleagues/superiors in a Retirement Letter.

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Promotion Letters


Effective ‘Promotion’ letters from Employer to Employees foster incentive for work and generate motivation in the Staff. They must contain praise of the positive services of the employee and link it up with the promotion. They should send a clear message to the Staff that promotion has to be ‘earned’ and not to be taken for granted. Although, a promotion letter is addressed to a particular individual, such letters are shared by the recipient with his colleagues and thereby, the message is circulated to all the Staff.

Promotion letters are intended for ‘Record’ and go into the personal files (dossiers) of the Staff. Hence, they must be carefully worded in order to satisfy legal requirements and not set a precedent to all employees to ‘demand’ promotion.

Promotion letters should be Congratulatory in tone and show appreciation of the good work of the concerned employee.

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Congratulation Letters


Human beings are social animals who are gregarious. They like to communicate with each other on various occasions of happiness and rejoicing. It is customary to write Letters of Congratulations to ones relatives, close friends, colleagues and business associates on events such as birth, marriage, anniversary, graduation from school/college, securing a job/promotion, success of business venture/project etc to show feelings of friendship and mutual rejoicing.

The occasions, format, tone and tenor of such letters will differ from person to person depending on the degree of intimacy and association with each other.

Congratulation letters must be warm, sincere and convey genuine feelings of happiness

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Condolence Letters

Life is full of exciting events, some happy and some sad. Human beings need to respond to such moments appropriately with felicitations or condolence, as the case may be.

A Condolence Letter is written by an individual to a relative, friend, colleague or sister concern expressing his/her sympathy and giving solace on the occurrence of a sad event such as death, accident, serious illness, business loss or loss of employment.

Condolence letters must be written in a formal tone and express ones heartfelt grief and solace. They must wish for better times to come in the life of the recipient.

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Application Letters


Introduction: In former Colonial countries like India, our lives invariably revolve around various applications and supplications without which the Government machinery does not move. Birth and Death Certificates and No Dues Certificates have to be obtained from various authorities! Everyone is required to write formal applications to the concerned authorities to request for some action, approval, issue of license or registration etc.

Application letters must be polite, brief and to-the-point. They must clearly specify the subject matter with previous references, if any, and the precise action required on or before a particular date. The postal/email address and phone/cell No of the applicant must be given prominently.

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Termination Letters

Introduction: Issue of Termination of Employment letters, although an unpleasant duty, is an inescapable aspect of effective Management. However, in all fairness, a Termination Letter should be used only as a last resort after periodic counseling for improvement of performance has had no effect.

Termination letters must be polite and not hurt the sentiments of the employee. If possible, a broad idea of the reason for termination should be given. A Termination letter should be given at the fag end of the working day so that the employee does not linger or brood in the office to demotivate the other employees.

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Sample Birthday Email




Subject: Birthday Greetings

Dear Drake,

Wish you a happy birthday. I am amazed that you are twenty two now. Your aunt also wishes you a great birthday. I am pleased to have heard that you have been accepted at the Pittsburg University for your Master’s Program.

It is strange that I know you since were a child and now you are a young woman, ready for college and higher studies. I am pleased that you are making all of us proud by your academic ventures. I met your school friend Cathy when I went to the Christmas party this year. She is doing a secretarial course and will be joining her dad soon to run his office. Do keep in touch with us.

Greg also sends his best wishes to you. He insists that you join us for next Christmas. I hope to hear from you soon.


Uncle Smith

Professional Email Signature

A professional email signature must have the full name, designation, contact numbers, alternate email and company name of the sender. This ensures that the person sending the email can be contacted at any time during emergencies and also when he is not available at the email id from which the email was originally sent. A few examples of a professional signature are:

6     Buck Woody,

Chief Editor,


7     Buck Woody,

Chief Editor,

M: 0087444666

P: 25468987

Alternate Email:

8     Buck Woody | Chief Editor | M: 0087444666 | P: 25468987 | TimeCheck

Sample Confirmation Email




Subject: Confirmation of your position with the company

Dear Ms. Hume,

We at QuebecSol are delighted to have your services with us. It is a pleasure to have you for a year working for our company in the capacity of a Junior Administrator.

Since you have completed a year of probation with us, in recognition of the efforts put by you to the company, we have decided to offer you a confirmation on the position of the Junior Administrator. We hope to see you working in the company for many more clients. In the hope of a long professional commitment, we wish you all the very best.


Administrative Team,