Attorney Non Representation Letter

By | April 12, 2010

April 10, 2010

ABC Client Pvt. Ltd.

112 Address Colonies,

Some road, new Land

Maryland- ZIP

[Sub: Non Representation Notification]

Dear Mr. Andrews,

We regretfully inform that post our discussion and our review of the same; we would not be able to provide you with legal services involving your property. We appreciate your effort to approach our firm and explain the matter to us. However, we had informed you that certain sections of the law are not dealt by us.

Though we are unable to help you with this regard we would take this opportunity to suggest you the best attorneys who might be of your aid in this legal case. The list of attorneys has been attached herewith and we do request you to seek immediate help.

As we do not represent you anymore we would not process any fees for the previous consultation charged either.


Robs Legal Affairs Ltd.