Appreciation Letter to Employees

By | October 26, 2014

Appreciation letter to employees is a letter which an employer or senior writes in order to express his/her appreciation towards a group or team of employees.  The letter must be used to encourage employees to keep up the good work and state the reason for appreciation.  A sample is given below.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Employees:


Marketing team members

Orlando International Corporation

2222, Peterson enclave, Pink avenue

London, United Kingdom

Date: 8th Feb 2014

Subject: expressing my appreciation and applauding your efforts

Dear Marketing team members,

I, Jonathan Trott, your team leader and department head am writing this letter to you to express my appreciation for your efforts on the New Product launch marketing project. I am deeply impressed by your efforts and would like to congratulate you all for the success.

This marketing project was extremely crucial for this company and its successful launch and promotions greatly relied on the way we made plans and executed them. From the initial stages of project development to the final process of promotions, the team has worked together as a family and produced better results than expected. I am very happy with the results and have been personally thanked by the chairman of the company as well.

To show my appreciation, I am announcing a bonus of 10% for each one of you and you shall receive that with your next month’s salaries.

Congratulations again and hope that we will keep working well together.

Thanking you all,

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Trott