Appeal letters

By | June 14, 2011

Appeal letters are formal letters written to seek help of some sort from the reader.

At the outset, introduce yourself, what you are seeking and how you want the reader to help you.  The opening statement of the letter is important as it lets the reader form an opinion about you.

Appeal letters will have more impact if you address them to a particular person rather than having a general “Dear Sir/Ma’am” greeting.

People do not have much time to go through rambling details, so stick to the facts and keep the letter simple and brief.  If you stick to the facts and state your reasons for the appeal, it would have more impact than an emotionally charged letter.

It is imperative to keep the tone of the letters polite.  You cannot appeal to someone and be forceful with them.

Emotions are good, but logic is what works with most people when they come across letters like this.  So, a good way of convincing the reader about your cause for appeal is to logically present the facts.

When we talk of logic, clarity is very important.  When you are stating facts it is easy to make a logical and clear statement.

Keep the letter simple without going into too many details.

However good an appeal letter maybe, it will have very little impact, if it comes from an anonymous source.  So, it is important to establish your credentials at the outset.  It is a good idea to use a letter-head for these letters.  If that is not possible then at least the designation and capacity in which you are seeking help must be mentioned below your signature at the bottom of the letter.

Always remember to thank the reader for the time and effort he/she has taken to go through your letter before signing off.

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