Apology Letter to Employer

By | June 2, 2009

Ken Woodward,

46th Main Street

9568 Manhattan,

New York

4th May 2009 

Dear Mr. Woodward, 

As departmental head, it is with deep sorrow that I regret to inform you of my inability to make it to your annual birthday party event for your beloved daughter Laura. I understand that as your employees we are never expected to miss out on any of your personal invites, especially Laura’s birthday. But based on what is ahead of me I find it prudent to inform you that I will be beside my beloved wife Mercy who as you may be aware has been hospitalized with an intestinal dysfunction and whose surgery has been set for the same day as your event. However, I took it upon myself to confirm the attendance of my other colleagues as well as those in the department that I head and they are all looking forward to being at your residence for the occasion. The offices shall remain closed on that day and I have made arrangements for a separate security team to watch over the premises during the event and have one employee on high alert if a matter of urgency comes up. Thank you and I wish a happy birthday to your daughter. 

Yours truly, 

James Brim. 

Security Head