Apology Letter to Customer

By | June 2, 2009

Croissant St. Jean,

345 Blackburn Park,


4th May 2005 

Dear Madam Croissant, 

We are deeply regretful over the fact that you bought a family pack that had a missing product on the third week of last month. It was entirely the departmental stores fault that during offloading and labeling of the products from our main storage facility to the store, one of the products fell off the wrapping. The error was compounded when our employee who found the open wrapper, resealed it failed to check for a missing product. We however plan to compensate you and thank you for writing to us about it and request you to bring the family pack back to us with the receipt issued on that day and present it to any of our stores.

Please remember to bring this letter with you and you shall not only be given a completely new family pack, but will also take home a free product of your choice that the store manager will allow you to select from our store. We hope that this kind gesture will help restore the confidence in our outlets that may have waned as a result of this event. Any inconvenience is highly regretted. 

Yours truly, 

Bank Myers, 

Director, Banks Department Stores