Apology Letter to Client

By | June 2, 2009

Monty Bills,

Genre Motors

459th Drive Street,

Kansas City,


23rd May 2009. 

Dear Mr. Monty, 

On behalf of the Japan Sumo Car Export Company, I wish to express my sincere apology for the lack of delivery of your car consignment scheduled for the later part of last week. This untimely event was caused by a matter that we could not have anticipated but feel deeply responsible for.

The automobiles that you had ordered left our port three weeks ago and while on our Cargo ship headed to the port of Mombasa through the Indian Ocean, the ship was hijacked by pirates who held the crew captive asking for ransom. We had to involve our diplomats and those of the East African countries bordering the ocean to intervene and have so far managed to pay ransom for our crew and have them released. The cargo is still intact but was docked in the timid shores of the country of Somalia after which they will be released and escorted to the original destination by the Kenyan Navy, set to reach land in three days. We hope to communicate with you further and express our regret at the delay. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Mao Tse Xun 

President, Japan Sumo Car Export Company