Apology Letter for Theft

By | June 2, 2009

Bishop H. Arkansas,

Faith Hill Ministries,

45232, Faith Hill,


4th May 2005 

Dear Bishop Arkansas, 

It is with humble supplication that we write to you to apologize for the recent bad publicity that has marred the reputation of our church after the resultant theft of the money that was raised during last week’s fundraiser. On behalf of the Church Membership Committee I feel that though the charity was meant to raise funds from a Youth Jumbo Sale for the Youth and by the Youth, we left it upon them to organize the whole event and come to us for help on any bottleneck or query that they would encounter. They constantly updated us on their preparations and since they did not want to disappoint us on their ability to be independent, they managed to prepare and hold a successful event that ended later in the afternoon. Their only bad call was to leave the money in the church’s coffers for the night hoping to bank it the next day. They had the misconception that no one had the courage to steal from the church coffers and when the money went missing, fingers were pointed. We want to tell you that we are very sorry and it will never happen again. 

Yours Sincerely,