Apology Letter for Teacher

By | June 2, 2009


Prof. Modesty Blanche,

Newhouse University,

Faculty of Science,

456 Tube Street,

Newhouse, Ohio.

Dear Prof Modesty, 

On behalf of the Newhouse University Charity Walk organizing committee I would like to express my apology for      slating your speech as the last entry of the day, contrary to the earlier announcement that you would be the first person to address the congregation. It so turned out that some political aspirants in the vicinity expressed interest in attending and participating in the program and the University Chancellor imposed upon us to make sure that the two aspirants were given priority over all the speakers invited. Due to this, we liaised with the chief sponsor of the event, the Chaplain of the University, to help us plan the program and after a long and conclusive discussion, we agreed that we would request you to be the last speaker in the event that the talks were to steer from the matters at hand to political ones, that you would save the day and end it on a charitable note as planned. As your students we look forward to have you with us and assure you of our support all the way. 

Yours truly, 

Mandy Gibbs,

Newhouse University Charity Walk Organizing Committee Chair