Apology Letter for Poor Service

By | June 2, 2009

Mrs. Baird Floyd,

456 East London,


22nd May 2009 

Dear Mrs. Baird, 

We are writing to you to apologize for the poor reception service of your Television’s cable connection. This has been caused by a major hitch that saw the grounding of over 2000 customer feeds in your region and part of South Dakota. We would not want to bog you down with the technical jargon that involves the procedures that we are putting in place to have the services restored to normalcy, but would like to reassure you that our service technicians are burning the midnight oil, trying to sort out the melee and promise to have your television broadcasts up and running by tomorrow afternoon, latest. This will not go unnoticed as we will considerably reduce the subscription charges for the following month as part of our service level agreement and hope that this will do more than restore the confidence in our services that has so far stood in question. We will call you to confirm that we have restored the services. 

Yours sincerely, 

Martin Scorese 

Director Whim Cable TV