Apology Letter for Boyfriend

By | June 2, 2009

Sam Bakes,

455 Manchester Street,

Manchester City.

4th May 2009 

Dear Sam,

I am sorry for abandoning your car last Wednesday. It was not intentional and I meant to let you know as soon as I could. It all happened on the day I borrowed your car for a trip to the West coast for a weekend out with my sister when we took a shortcut through the farmland and ended up being chased by what we suspected to be a carjacker. The terrain was rough and since your car had no off-road driving capabilities, it bore the brunt of the potholes and bumps that cover the whole terrain, that had us drive through dry and wet patches to evade the assailant.

We managed to get to the nearest police check in time but the policemen made the situation worse by insisting on thoroughly interrogating us on our intent to use the private road and not the highway. We were too shaken to drive back, so we left the vehicle there and the policemen got us on a bus back home. I plan to meet you later in the week and explain in detail how we will get it back. Please accept my apology 

Your loving girlfriend,