Annual Leave Request Letter

By | July 5, 2014

An annual leave request letter is one that is written by an employee to the company requesting for availing the annual leave. This letter is official communication which should have time period of availing leave and reason for the same. Please find the sample of the annual leave request letter given below.

Sample of Annual Leave Request Letter


The HR Manager

20th May 2014

Subject:  An application for Annual Leave request.

Dear Sir,

I would be highly obliged if you can spare your precious time and have a glance over my request. The request is to formalize my annual leave of four weeks that I can avail as part of my employment with the organization. I wish to avail my leave from 31st May, 2014.

I am getting married on 15th June 2014 and thus I need some time to set and start a new dimension of life and get the things all set. As a senior project manager I understand that I am undertaking the responsibilities of three leading projects and I want to assure you that before going on leave I will complete the in hand projects. I also assure you that my team members are capable enough to handle the rest of the things in my absence and I will be in regular contact with them to help them at all stages.

I will take the charge from 1st   July, 2014 and if there will be any delay in joining then I will confirm that a week before.

Thank you and hoping for your kind consideration.

Alexander Samuel

Senior project manager

Sales Team