Agent Authorization Letter

By | October 21, 2014

Any letter which is used by a person to authorize an agent to act on his behalf and take certain decisions on his behalf is known as an agent authorization letter. The letter must state all the conditions under which the agent can act on the authorizer’s behalf. A sample is given below.

Sample Agent Authorization Letter:


Jack Anthony

Travel Agent

Anthony Travel Agency

T-56, second floor, Henderson Inc.

New York, USA

Date: 19th June 2014

Subject: Agent authorization letter

Dear Mr. Anthony

I, Kell Peters am writing this letter to give you permission to act on my behalf as far as travel bookings, reservations and VISA processes are concerned from today for a time period of 1 year. I authorize you to make payments; sign documents in my absence as far as travel arrangements are concerned.

The following is a list of conditions where this authorization can be used:

  • Booking flight tickets after my formal permission.
  • Booking train, bus tickets after my formal permission.
  • Booking hotels in my name, whenever I need to travel.
  • Representing me at Passport office or while applying for VISA.
  • Filling out forms in my name, whenever required during travel bookings.
  • Finding hotels, finding best travel offers and booking tours.

If you are found to misuse this authorization in any way, then I shall hold the right to take legal action against you and dismiss you from the position of my agent. This letter can be used as a proof of authorization.

Yours sincerely,

Kell Peters