Advanced Wedding Invitation Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Lucy Richardson,

A-3, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Warrington Lane,



James Potter,

D-9, Privet Drive,

King’s Cross Road,


Dear James,

This letter will take you with immense surprise. I am writing this letter to announce my wedding on the New Year’s Eve this year. You are the first person to become aware of this news. This letter also serves as an advanced invitation to you and Lily to my wedding. I earnestly wish to have you both by my side on the wedding day and hence I am making it a point to send this advanced invitation so that you both manage and manipulate your schedules, to be present at the wedding. I wish that you would be here at least for a week’s time and shall help me with all my choices for the D-Day.

I shall be very upset and shall hear no excuses from you for any sorts of unfavourable reply from your side. Looking forward for your reply and hoping to hear what I wish to,

Yours friendly,

Lucy Richardson