Addressing a Formal Letter

By | June 26, 2014

Addressing a formal letter is one that is written by one person to another in official capacity. The letter has to be written in a professional way so that it maintains the décor of official communication between the two persons. A sample addressing an official letter is provided below for easy reference.

Sample Addressing a Formal Letter


The Vice President,

Brooklyn Association Ltd,

#4, Aldershot,

London, AL22

Date :- 1st July 2014

Sub – Formal letter for confirmation

Dear Sir,

This letter is in continuation of the discussion you had with my Business Development Head Mr. Rodger Fredrick last week. I am writing this formal letter to you to confirm the final business partnership meeting between your company and that of ours to be finalized on the 9th of July 2014.  The agenda for the meeting will be to finalize the terms and conditions for partnership and I am enclosing a rule book for the same along with this letter.

It would be great if you could send in your confirmation by the 5th of July in order to help us make the necessary arrangements for the official meeting. In case you are being accompanied by any of your employees, I request you to kindly provide the details as well for making official arrangements.

We hope that this crucial business meeting will help build a long term and enduring relationship between both the companies in future. Please feel free to call us for any additional information that you wish to obtain in this regard on 5879-444-2258.

Yours truly,

Bailey Paul

PA to Business development head.

ABC Private Limited.