Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Professor Matthew Simons

Dean, University of Dallas,

31 Wellington Building, Dallas

November 3, 2011

Subject: Academic suspension appeal

Dear Professor Simons,

I am a student of the Department of Physics and currently in my final year of graduate studies. I am appealing the decision of Professor Gerald Jones, Head of the Physics Department, which requires me to withdraw from the university as stated in his letter dated October 31, 2011 due to my low GPA.

I take responsibility for my scores but I would like you to consider my appeal keeping in mind that I have had a difficult time during the last six months. My mother suffers from cancer and has been living with me as her condition deteriorated, putting immense physical and emotional strain on me. My studies were affected but I promise to do well if you give me another chance. Hoping for a positive response from you,

Yours truly,

John Gore

84 Kirby Road, Dallas