Academic Reference Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Sprout,


Wilson College


First year Students,

Wilson College

Dear students,

This letter has been drafted for providing you proper reference for the academic studying. This is your first year at the graduate college and it is obvious that you might be wondering as to how you will get the proper and apt reference for your academic studies. However, I must elucidate the fact that this educational institute works for the betterment of the students; and hence the institution takes the onus of guiding the first years to get their hands on proper reference books. The forth coming years become easy later on.

The list of the referred books for the first years has been enclosed along with this letter in alphabetical order of the branches of studying. Any doubt and any confusion shall be treated at my office during the working hours. Students can even get more reference from me if they wish to have some. Working for a prosperous future,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Sprout