Academic Recommendation Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mrs Braganza,


Winston Churchill School,



Mr Knowles,


St Thomas School,


Dear Mr Knowles,

I, Mrs Braganza, the principal of the Winston Churchill School, am writing this letter as a recommendation for the admission of Peter Parker in your esteemed educational institution. Mr Parker, Peter’s father, owing to the job commitments, had to shift to Dalhousie resulting in the moving of the kid as well. Peter has been an excellent student in our school. He has been among the top scores in the academics on a consistent basis. Besides the academic studies, Peter has made our school proud at various sporting events.

I am hopeful that Peter makes it to the your school since he is a very deserving student and should get the proper school to prosper as a talented kid; and no more school seems more apt than yours. I am hopeful that my recommendation proves fruitful for Peter and your school. Wishing Peter and your school a prosperous and bright future,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Braganza