Academic Appeal Letter

By | June 18, 2014

With the help of an academic appeal letter, a student of any school, college or an educational institute can raise an appeal against the decision taken by the Board. This letter gives a student a chance to explain his or her set of circumstances and is written in a formal tone. A sample letter is given below for reference.

Sample Academic Appeal Letter


George Williams


St. Ives Senior Secondary School



1st June 2014

Subject:  Academic appeal letter

Respected Sir,

Yesterday, I have received a letter informing that I have been dismissed from the school due to poor academic performance. I am writing this letter with utmost respect to appeal your decision regarding my dismissal as I have realised that my low level of conduct and insincerity has caused serious troubles for me and my family.

Sir, I admit that I wasn’t performing well even after the repeated warning from my class teachers and the staff teachers. I got deviated from my path and got indulged in mischievous acts and this resulted in my poor academic records. I have no intentions in making excuses but I would like to request you to kindly give me a last chance and I promise you that I would study with utmost dedication and sincerity.

I would prove myself as a bright student of your school and would not give another chance of complaint.  Sir, please understand that my low grades in the last semester does not indicate that I am a bad student. I kindly request you to please consider my appeal.

Thanking you.


Darwin Eric

Class 12th A