Event Proposal Letter

An Event proposal letter is a form of letter made for the purpose of outlining the planning that will set up in organizing a certain event. This letter is usually used by a company to another company for event management seeking an approval for having an event. An event proposal letter must be properly and… Read More »

Medical Leave of Absence Letter

Medical leave of absence letter is a letter made by an employee to his or her employer informing of his or her medical condition and request for a medical leave for a duration of period as advised by the attending physician. This letter will serve as a documentation together with the information related to health… Read More »

Letter of Intent Real Estate

Letter of intent real estate is a form of letter considered as legal document wherein both parties involved have their agreement settled. Purchasing a real estate includes the information needed to know by the purchaser and using the said intent letter it will serve as a treaty signed by both parties. Sample Letter of Intent… Read More »

Condolence Letter to Sister

A condolence letter to sister is written to a sister on loss of her loved one. The letter must express sympathy on the loss of the sister and must show care and concern of the writer to the grieving sister and her family. Below given is a sample condolence letter to sister. Sample Condolence Letter… Read More »

Fundraising Request Letter

A fundraising request letter is a letter which a person or a company writes in order to make a request for fundraising to another person or company. The letter must state the reason for the request and how will the funds be used.  A fundraising request letter must sound polite and should be formal in… Read More »

Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter

Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter is a letter which is written with a purpose of informing a hotel representative or tourist registration office regarding cancellation of an existing reservation or booking. Before writing such letter, one should carefully read the terms and conditions of that hotel or travel agency with respect to cancellation policy. Given… Read More »

School Fundraising Solicitation Letter

A school fundraising solicitation letter is a letter which is written by a person or party to request someone to help raise funds for a school or for a purpose related to a school. The letter is a kind of a solicitation to another individual so that the money can be used for charitable reasons… Read More »

Permission Letter to Travel Child

Permission letter for a traveling child is a form of letter written and signed by a guardian or parents allowing their child to travel with their consent. The responsibility and accountability of the person who will be with the child also emphasize when writing this kind of letter.  This letter may be used for various… Read More »

Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter

When a client’s company or customer’s business is completing a milestone, it is a good gesture to send them a Company Anniversary congratulation letter. Such a well written letter can help maintaining mutually beneficial business relations. In a company anniversary congratulation letter one can complement them for their specific achievements or complement them for their… Read More »

Job Offer Congratulation Letter

A job offer congratulation letter is send to someone upon achieving a job offer. In this letter the writer needs to congratulate the person for achieving the job as well as clearly state the position for which he or she is selected. It can also iclude the other terms of the job like the joining… Read More »