Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter

When a client’s company or customer’s business is completing a milestone, it is a good gesture to send them a Company Anniversary congratulation letter. Such a well written letter can help maintaining mutually beneficial business relations. In a company anniversary congratulation letter one can complement them for their specific achievements or complement them for their… Read More »

Job Offer Congratulation Letter

A job offer congratulation letter is send to someone upon achieving a job offer. In this letter the writer needs to congratulate the person for achieving the job as well as clearly state the position for which he or she is selected. It can also iclude the other terms of the job like the joining… Read More »

New Job Congratulation Letter

A new job congratulation letter is written to congratulate a person for his or her successful accomplishment of achieving a new job.  Through these letters one can mention the excellent qualities of his or her friend or acquaintance, which helped him/her getting that job. Such a letter of appreciation is great mode of maintaining professional… Read More »

Dental Nurse Cover Letter

A dental nurse cover letter is written by a person to apply for the post of a dental nurse in a hospital or any other medical set up. These types of letters are enclosed with resume and other related documents and must mention the key skills and experience of the candidate. Below given is a… Read More »

Dental Assistant Cover Letter

A dental assistant cover letter is written by a candidate in order to apply for the post a dental assistant at a clinic, hospital or any other medical setup. The letter can mention about qualifications, skills and experience of the candidate. This letter can also include information on any internship done. Given below is a… Read More »

Retail Internship Cover Letter

Retail internship cover letter is written by a candidate to apply for the internship for a retail position in a company or an organization. When a person is applying for an internship with any company he or she needs to assert them with all their skills and experiences apart from educational qualification. Given below is… Read More »

Retail Supervisor Cover Letter

A retail supervisor cover letter is written by a candidate to apply for the job position of a retail supervisor in a company. The letter needs to include the applicant’s skills like leadership qualities, motivational and communication skills along with information on educational qualification and experience. Here is a sample retail supervisor cover letter. Sample Retail… Read More »

Finance Assistant Cover Letter

A job application cover letter is important when a person is applying for any job as this is the first impression the applicant will have on the potential employer. A finance assistant cover letter should give information on the applicant’s experience and qualification for the desired post. The letter needs to be formal, clear and… Read More »

Donation Letter for Non- Profit Organization

A donation letter for non -profit organization is a letter which is written by a person on behalf of a non- profit organization to request another person or company to make a donation for the cause or for the organization in general. A sample of one such letter is given below for your reference. Sample Donation… Read More »

Appreciation for Donation Letter

An appreciation for donation letter is a letter which is written by a person or an organization to thank someone for his/her donation for a charitable or noble cause and to appreciate his/her decision for donating funds. The letter is basically used to express gratitude for receiving the donation and must be formal in nature… Read More »